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Welcome to ARX-Value

ARX Value is a private value investing boutique located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Our conservative investment strategy is geared to deliver outstanding investment returns over time with a low level of downside risk. Following from the meaning of the latin word “ARX” (refuge, castle) the safety of an investor’s hard earned capital plays a leading role in our approach.



If you would like to learn more about our investment products and advisory mandates, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Our Expertise

  • Track Record In Finding Outstanding Value Opportunities In The Equity Market

  • Proven and Well Established Systematic Value Investment Approach

  • Management Team With Excessive Experience In Equities, Company Analysis and Thorough Grounding In Accounting and Valuation




What Makes Us Stand Out

  • We Are Plain and Dedicated Value Investors, Nothing Else Matters

  • Our Systematic Approach and Proprietary ARX Value Standards Offer a High Success Rate

  • We Understand That The Market Is Just There To Serve You, Not To Instruct You

  • There Is No Free Lunch: Hard Work As Well As a Strict and Disciplined Best Practice Dictate Our Daily Business





Our Target Group

Retail As Well As Institutional Investors

  • Who Are Able To Appreciate The Advantages Of a High Quality Value Investing Strategy

  • Value Long Term And Consistent Outperformance More Than a Non-Recurring "Quick Buck"

  • Believe That High Quality Business Models, Real Asset Value And Cash Flows Count More Than To Chase (Temporary) Trends Or What Is Currently Hot In The Market

  • Are Looking Forward To Build a Promising and Long Term Relationship