Managing Board

Mr. Christian Exner, CIIA      

Christian Exner is one of the founding partners of ARX Value. He is the main driver behind our investment strategy, supervises all research & valuation work and is responsible for the management of our value portfolios.

Before the formation of ARX Value Mr. Exner gained expertise in the field of value investing as an independent investment advisor for institutional investors, that ranged in size from several million AUM to more than one billion AUM. He was mandated to add value to his clients’ asset management process by conducting investment research, take responsibility for the stock picking process as well as the formation and oversight of value driven portfolios. He started his professional career in the European equities department at WestLB Asset Management.

Academically Mr. Exner studied Finance and Accounting at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Germany and received degrees in Business from Hull University (UK) and in Finance from University of California Berkeley (USA). He is qualified as a “Certified International Investment Analyst” (CIIA), a well received international designation for investment professionals.

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Mr. Naoufel Bakkouri

Mr Naoufel Bakkouri played a leading role in the formation of ARX Value and holds the position of managing director. He is responsible for all marketing activities, sales operation and delivers invaluable work in building long term relationships with our clients and partners.

Prior to his engagement with ARX Mr. Bakkouri has worked as an investment banking specialist: structuring and negotiating complex business transactions, including merger & acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, debt and equity financing as well as growth capital investments. He represented portfolio companies of his private equity clients and served as general advisor for businesses seeking capital.

 In addition he held positions at several corporations, namely Media Vision in Florida (USA), Bear Stearns (now J.P. Morgan), CNP (Paris, France) and Coris (Paris, France).

Academically Mr. Bakkouri was awarded a French Diploma of Accounting and Financial Studies as well as BA in Negotiation & Marketing in Paris (France). This was supplemented with an MBT in Finance and Project Management at the University of California Berkeley.

Apart from his participation in ARX Value Mr. Bakkouri currently works as Director for the Asia Fund Corporation based in Hong Kong, which acts as an angel investor and mentor for companies involved in internet-based as well as consumer projects.

He is also on the board of directors of Royal Abundance, which is a well known global natural resources company, and a major marketer of over 30 commodities worldwide.


Drew MacGregor Burns, CIRO

Drew Burns was born in 1983 and has over seven years of capital markets experience along with several years in-country experience in China. While studying for his master’s degree at the Renmin University in Beijing, he joined the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) as a case researcher. Mr. Burns joined Vtion Wireless Technology AG in 2008, leading the company’s IPO roadshow in 2009, a public offering which wound up as the only Prime Standard new issue in Frankfurt that year, and an experience that forged Mr. Burns’ lasting bond with international capital markets.

During his time working for Vtion, Mr. Burns saw the company through a tumultuous time on the capital markets, leading a strategic restructuring and executing several share buyback programs that totaled 3.8 million shares. He also served as the company’s chief corporate governance liaison between the company’s executive and supervisory boards. Moving from Beijing to Germany in 2014, he began a transition from the company-side to the buy-side. He served both as an investment team member and head of business development for a German investment institution, overseeing the first offering of the institution’s funds in the Chinese market.

Mr. Burns graduated summa cum laude from the George Washington University in Washington, DC, and completed his Master’s degree in 2008 at the Ohio State University. In December 2014 he completed the German Investor Relations Society’s Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) program. He speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and German.

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