Our Philosohpy

We understand that the best way to serve our clients interests is to apply a sound and disciplined value investing philosophy through buying excellent companies that currently trade at a huge discount to their real intrinsic value and where the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor that the mispricing will vanish within an acceptable time-frame. Wisely implemented it offers the opportunity for excellent investment returns.

More importantly the so called “margin of safety” approach provides for a natural hedge against investment risk as the possibility of an adverse fundamental development is already sufficiently priced in. History shows that investors are massively awarded putting meaningful amounts of money in these mispriced investment opportunities. This builds on what the famous investor Warren Buffet expressed in a well-read article:

”If a business is worth a dollar and I can buy it for 40 cents,
Something good may happen to me”
Warren E. Buffet

All our investment decisions are based on independent thinking and thorough fundamental analysis, not on third party recommendations or what is currently perceived as a “hot stock” in the market.

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